Education: Learning & Teaching

Vision IV – What I Wish for My Students–a list of desiderata started while trying to write a commencement address.

Vision III – What is a school? It is a group of people in a time and place, …

Vision II – Scattered thoughts on “school”.

Vision I – After writing this as part of an address to a group of future educators, I received so many requests for copies that I made it a stand-alone document. (With apologies to Martin Luther King Jr.)

Commencement Address : The Covenant School 2014 : An address given to the graduating class of 2014 at The Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA.

The New School of Theology : A Proposal : A “white paper” that describes in some detail a new (and yet-unimplemented) approach to theological education and ministerial preparation.

From Darkness to Gloom : An Odyssey in Learning & Teaching : A paper that I read to Alpha Chi Epsilon (education majors) chapter at Cairn University in order to explain why I approach learning and teaching as I do.

On the Nature of This Course : This essay on reading, conversing, writing, researching, and grading is part of every course syllabus that I prepare. A work in progress, it is my attempt to let students know what they are in for before they finally decide to take courses with me.

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