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Living from Past & Future: Biblical Utopias in the Church

Biblical Utopias The Bible presents various “model” societies in the covenantal books, in its wisdom literature, and (negatively and positively) in the prophetic books; this paper examines some of these and asks how they should function in the Church.

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Congruent Visions : Justice in the Covenant, Wisdom, & Prophets

Congruent Visions : This paper (ETSEastern 2006) demonstrates the congruent visions of justice in the covenant, the wisdom literature, and the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

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Abominations & Commercial Integrity in Proverbs

Weights and Measures – Commercial Integrity Several verses in the biblical book of Proverbs refer to integrity in business; this paper examines those dealing with weights and measures and the relationship between commercial integrity and societal health.

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The Deceit of Metaphor & the Revelation of the Divine Name (Exodus 3)

deceit of metaphor This paper introduces conceptual metaphor, applies the insights of conversational analysis and cognitive linguistics to the conversation between YHWH and Moses in Exodus 3, and explains the divine reticence at self-revelation as motivated by the desire to … Continue reading

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On the Nature of This Course

On the Nature of This Course This essay forms the major part of the syllabi for all courses that I teach, at all levels. It addresses reading, conversing, writing, research, and grading.

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From Darkness to Gloom : An Odyssey in Learning & Teaching

alpha chi epsilon new edition A paper on pedagogy, read to the chapter of Alpha Chi Epsilon at Cairn University.

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The New School of Theology : A Modest Proposal for Theological Education

The New School of Theology : A Proposal This “white paper” proposes a new approach to post-secondary or graduate-level theological education (seminary, divinity school).

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The Incarnation as Rent Collection

rent collection 03 11 This brief paper shows that in the “parable of the wicked tenants” Jesus presents his mission as one of rent collection, rather than in the far more common images of helper, physician, judge, &c.

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