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Irrealis in Esther: When What Did NOT Happen Determines What Did

Irrealis in Esther This paper introduces the concept of narrative irrealis and describes its function in, and contribution to the story contained in the biblical book of Esther.

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The Deceit of Metaphor & the Revelation of the Divine Name (Exodus 3)

deceit of metaphor This paper introduces conceptual metaphor, applies the insights of conversational analysis and cognitive linguistics to the conversation between YHWH and Moses in Exodus 3, and explains the divine reticence at self-revelation as motivated by the desire to … Continue reading

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Whose Story is It? Genesis 44 in NLT

Gn 44 – whose story This paper presents a textlinguistic analysis of the Hebrew text of Gn 44.1-13, and then compares the results of this to the same verses in the New Living Translation (first edition) in order to ask … Continue reading

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Answer Key to Learning & Reading Biblical Hebrew, chs. 1-18

Textbook Answer Key, chs. 1-18 : An answer key to the first eighteen chapters of Learning & Reading Biblical Hebrew (unpublished).

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