Times and Seasons : A brief essay on possible implications of the divine commands (Gn 1.14-18) and promise (Gn 8.22)–that Christians should note and celebrate the created order.

Whose Story is It? Genesis 44.1-13 in NLT : A textlinguistic analysis of part of the story of Joseph and his brothers, compared with its translation in the New Living Translation. It asks how many details can be changed before the story begins to change.

Pr 11 22 – Frozen Renderings: Proverbs 11.22 is mistranslated in nearly every version; this mistranslation–a “frozen rendering”–affects drastically the meaning and intent of the verse.

Pr 17 12 : A study of the puzzlingly persistent mis-translation of Proverbs 17.12, and a suggested rendering.


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