Irrealis in Esther: When What Did NOT Happen Determines What Did

Irrealis in Esther

This paper introduces the concept of narrative irrealis and describes its function in, and contribution to the story contained in the biblical book of Esther.

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Bibliography : Egypt and the OT

Bibliography on Egypt : A brief bibliography prepared in order to encourage students to learn more about the history, life, and culture of ancient Egypt, which was Israel’s nearest neighbour, sparring partner, and asylum for political refugees from Israel and Judah.

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Living from Past & Future: Biblical Utopias in the Church

Biblical Utopias

The Bible presents various “model” societies in the covenantal books, in its wisdom literature, and (negatively and positively) in the prophetic books; this paper examines some of these and asks how they should function in the Church.

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Congruent Visions : Justice in the Covenant, Wisdom, & Prophets

Congruent Visions : This paper (ETSEastern 2006) demonstrates the congruent visions of justice in the covenant, the wisdom literature, and the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

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Abominations & Commercial Integrity in Proverbs

Weights and Measures – Commercial Integrity

Several verses in the biblical book of Proverbs refer to integrity in business; this paper examines those dealing with weights and measures and the relationship between commercial integrity and societal health.

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The Deceit of Metaphor & the Revelation of the Divine Name (Exodus 3)

deceit of metaphor

This paper introduces conceptual metaphor, applies the insights of conversational analysis and cognitive linguistics to the conversation between YHWH and Moses in Exodus 3, and explains the divine reticence at self-revelation as motivated by the desire to protect Moses (and Israel) from misunderstanding.

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Of Bears & Fools (Proverbs 21.17)

Pr 17 12

A study of the puzzling mis-translation of Proverbs 17.12 and a suggested rendering.

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“It Ain’t Easy” : An R&B Metaphor

fante – metaphor

A study of the song “It Ain’t Easy”, by Ricky Fante; the middle stanza is a metaphor, but only in the context of the rest of the song.

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Reading Notes Ruth (Ruth 1-4)

Reading Notes Ruth

Notes on the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the Hebrew text of Ruth 1-4 intended to help beginning students read the Hebrew text.

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Reading Notes on Jonah (Jonah 1-4)

Reading Notes Jonah

Notes on the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the Hebrew text of Jonah 1-4, intended to help beginning students.

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